“I enhance quality of life by inspiring and empowering breakthroughs within the mind, while providing skills that promote immediate changes that are long long-term.”

Coco Hitt has been helping people rebuild their thoughts and ideas for over 25 years. She keeps her skills up by attending shows and seminars, and participates in continuing education for higher certifications. Coco strives to stay informed about what is new and developing in the world of Hypnotherapy.

Coco is passionate about what she does for her clients. She partners with her client of all ages and provides positive techniques to overcome personal challenges, behaviors, build confidence, enhance wellness, and live in comfort, naturally.

Coco’s expertise extends to all areas of hypnotherapy. She has helped numerous people enhance their physical, emotional, mental, and professional lives and well being.

Coco has a Bachelors’ of Science in Psychology, Certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Emergency Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy with Skype, Imagery, Weight loss, Smoking and many more.

Our Mission at HITT Hypnotherapy

” To provide clients with peace of mind by inspiring and empowering their quality of life. I strive to relieve unwanted behaviors and thoughts in a safe, relaxing confidential environment while performing enriching services that are customized to the needs and expectations of our clients while remaining professional, caring, helpful, and honest. “