Hypnotists address the subconscious mind because their job isn’t to tell you what to do and explain why you should do it (except when they tell your conscious mind to take a break so they can address the subconscious, with your permission): instead, it’s to change your beliefs and feelings about what you do, in order for you to feel better about doing whatever it is you want to do (or, alternatively, worse about doing what you don’t want to do).

An effective trance state, or initial state of hypnotic relaxation, has several notable physical results:
• Slowed breathing patterns
• Decreased heart rate
• Muscle relaxation
• Calm, relaxed speaking voice
• Rapid eye movement (REM)

Furthermore, hypnosis is designed to avoid escalating any anxiety symptoms you may feel (rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension), and has no unexpected side effects (unlike many medications).


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