We’ve all known people in our lives who have been highly addicted to smoking, it might even by you! Even if it’s not you, we all know that quitting something highly addictive like smoking can be incredibly difficult but also incredibly beneficial and one of the healthiest choices you can make for your life. It’s common knowledge in this day and age that smoking is a deadly habits and leads to increased risks of cancer, heart attacks, strokes and lung disease.

While going through your hypnotherapy session, you’ll be often put in uncomfortable situations or asked to imagine unpleasant outcomes from your smoking habits. For example, we may ask you to imagine smoke being the same as truck exhaust or other unpleasant/unhealthy smells. We particularly focus on three aspects on how smoking affects the body the body and mind:
• Poisoning of the body through smoke
• You need your healthy body to live a long life
• Respect and protect your body


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