COMING SOON: “Slimmer Me Group”

Hi Everyone,

We know that the holidays are speeding up on us fast. What better way to get prepared for the wonderful visits of our family and friends by feeling and looking our best.

I know that everyone out there is trying to work toward eating healthier, slimming down and preparing for the holiday dress that we really don’t want to squeeze into. We would rather simply embrace the amazing way the fabric form fits to our curves.

Women, now is the time to get ready, get excited and get the look you long desire. The “SLIMMER ME GROUP” is where us women gather together to train our sub-conscious mind to focus on the areas that stop success of slimming down.

Do you crave sugar? or perhaps you just don’t eat healthy? Maybe you have tried to slim down but have failed in the past. The subconscious mind will process any failures and sabotage any success. The key is to use hypnotherapy to remove, release and resolve any unwanted behaviors that is stored in our own minds.

Maybe you decided to only eat one cookie and then found you ate several. Or maybe you decided to eat a hamburger instead of a salad and actual become upset with your decision as you take the last bite. This is processed as a failure in the mind, and every time you try again and again to stay on track your mind sabotages your success.

Come join a group of wonderful women, all working together to gain complete success. The women in the mirror will still be you only ‘SLIMMER”.

Call to reserve your spot as seating is limited.